Noguera Pallaresa mighty river is considered by experts around the world, one of the best in Europe for whitewater sports. It has a length of 146 km, 40 of which are navigable.

Noguera Pallaresa

The river has sections for all levels, from the simplest (I) for children and beginners, to the most complex, V on the scale of VI degree

Road and parking

Note that the road is parallel to the river navigable throughout its course, which makes easy tracking it down by the river. In the most important steps are parking areas.

Race Course
In the city center of Sort is the Race Camp Aigüerola first state. Its features make it the place to celebrate championships idonio much besides training and recreational activities.


  • Boarding area (65 m)
  • Whitewater area (375 m)
  • Arrival and landing zone (60 m)
  • Total Average gradient: 8 per thousand
  • Average slope of the special section 6.64 per thousand
  • Total flow width: 20 to 35 meters
  • Average width of the river: from 10 to 12 meters
  • Side Street viewers and organization
  • Electrical installation, public address and telephone all the way
  • Navigability sports at any time of year
  • Equipment for training and competition

For more information please contact the Town Hall (Tf.: 973620010)

Visit 3D
To mark the 2010 World it created a website with a collection of 3D views of Sort and Noguera Pallaresa River.

Visita 3D

Temperatures and levels
T ºC M3/seg.
Gener 4.2 15.4
Febrer 3.7 15.3
Març 5.5 23.6
Abril 6.8 33.6
Maig 8.9 71.7
Juny 11.6 66.1
Juliol 15 32.7
Agost 15.6 16.5
Setembre 15 14.9
Octubre 13.1 19.3
Novembre 7.8 24.0
Desembre 4.4 19.4